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Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty

“So that no one will feel alone and powerless faced with extreme poverty, and so that no effort will be lost.” Joseph Wresinski, Founder

The Forum is a network of individuals and groups committed in various ways alongside populations living in poverty. It is facilitated by the International Movement ATD Fourth World.


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A Forum of Committed People “We were overcome with discouragement. Some people just didn’t realize the scope of our action. Now we’ve been reborn, and we have each renewed our commitment… Thank you for giving us courage so that we can, in turn, give it to others.” A correspondent from Ivory Coast
Letter to Friends Around the World “I always read the Letter to Friends with much interest and admiration, often thinking to myself that I too have witnessed acts of courage, goodness and solidarity among the poorest people.” A correspondent from Burkina Faso
Pooling Knowledge and Experiences Correspondents of the Permanent Forum enrich the dialogue by adding their own experiences, knowledge and questions. In turn, they often gain a strengthened conviction that mutual support and sharing knowledge are key factors in ending extreme poverty.
Influencing International Organizations Permanent Forum correspondents play a large, often unrecognized role in reinforcing social ties in their communities. That’s why the Permanent Forum helps enable them to make their voices heard as stakeholders in international public life.
Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty