2013 Greetings

The challenge before us is to believe that our hands and minds are useful, to believe that our solidarity can change the world, […] to believe that everyone will want to join us in building a world with no more barriers between those who strive for prosperity and those who strive for peace, a world from which no persons nor peoples can be excluded, a world where we need every one of humanity’s four billion minds, a world where we cannot do without a single person’s hands, nor minds, nor hopes, a world where together all of us will look toward the future.” [1]

Day by day, you help us to believe that each person is an asset to the world and to the progress of our communities. We are glad to begin 2013 in link with you.

Diana Skelton, Isabelle Perrin, Jacqueline Plaisir, Jean Toussaint

International Leadership Team

[1] Joseph Wresinski, in an address to young people, 27 May 1985