Open Day at the International Center of ATD Fourth World !

On Saturday, 22nd April next, the International Center of ATD Fourth World opens its doors to the general public. This will be an opportunity to meet many members of ATD Fourth World from around the world and for them to share with you their experiences of the work we do. Come and discover this historic place where the founder of ATD Fourth World decided to settle in the 1980s. It is a place you can visit with the whole family.

Our program for the day will include a tour of our centre, screenings of films for young people and adults, exhibitions and, of course, a friendly moment at the end of the day to share all our experiences and ideas together.

This year, the Open Day is a special occasion, as it is part of our global Stop Poverty Campaign. This moment represents a important step together in helping to address the marginalization of people who are socially excluded. The many volunteers that will be present on this day can support you to become involved in the ‘Stop Poverty’ campaign, should you wish to do so.

We look forward to welcoming and meeting you.

Daily program:

Download the program here.

From 2 pm
8 route de Vaux à Epluches
95540 Méry sur Oise
06 25 88 21 35

ATD Fourth World International Center (Méry-sur-Oise, France)