Central African Republic

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Despite difficult conditions caused by the recent violence within the country, local young people persevere against all odds in their commitment to work with children and within their communities.

ATD Fourth World has been present in the Central African Republic (CAR) since 1984. The current team consists of two full-time Volunteer Corps members who live in Bangui and whose projects support Central African children, young people, and adults.

Projects for Children

These projects aim to share knowledge, raise awareness about the world,  stimulate intelligence, create friendships, and enable children in different neighborhoods to meet one another. Activities are held weekly at four sites: camps for internally displaced people at the airport and in the parish of St. Joseph Moukassa; on the island of Mbongossoua; and at the Heartfelt Voices Center for children living on the streets. About 300 children are involved, thanks to the commitment of fifteen facilitators.

Occasionally, depending on the local situation, the facilitators also run activities at two schools —Nicolas Barre and St. Francis — in the Walingba neighborhood; and in two villages — Koula and Mandja Danzi — close to Bangui.

Projects for young people

These actions enable young people to contribute to building peace
and reconciliation within the CAR. ATD Fourth World organizes three annual training weekends for 25 to 30 youth workers. An education program for peace is under way, in partnership with a Rwandan association. The first two training sessions, in 2014, were attended by 50 young people. Sources of conflict, prejudice, and suspicion were identified, and participants exchanged ideas on how to resist violence and how to become engaged world citizens.

This program was expanded in 2015 to include intense training modules for eight to ten young people each year.

Joining with others in the fight against poverty

ATD Fourth World works in collaboration with various partners, especially in the field of education.

The World Day for Overcoming Poverty brings together people from all walks of life around the struggle of families experiencing poverty. Testimonies, workshops, and cultural events illustrate the dignity of people living in extreme poverty and invite participants and other members of the public to become active all year round in the struggle to overcome poverty.

The annual budget for ATD Fourth World–Central African Republic is $69,500 (€62,000).

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