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ATD Fourth World has been present in the United Kingdom since 1960 and is in contact with 160 families living in persistent poverty in London and Frimhurst (in Surrey, South East England). ATD Fourth World’s actions are conducted thanks to the commitment of ten full-time Volunteer Corps members, reinforced by a network of 150 friends and allies who annually provide more than 3,000 hours of volunteer work.

Projects include:

The Family Support Programme:

Offers the most fragile families the time, space, and resources
necessary to identify their needs, find their strengths, and regain control over their lives. This happens through:

  • Individual support, assistance, and advice;
  • Personal development opportunities such as art and self-expression workshops;
  • Recreational time and family respite stays;
  • Voluntary commitments to community projects.

This programme is conducted mainly in Frimhurst, which has specifically-adapted facilities: a computer room, a library, a recreation room, an art studio, a nursery, a community garden, a professional kitchen, an outdoor games area, and four apartments. Many residents of the community voluntarily help the Frimhurst team with activities, office work, fund-raising, and house and garden maintenance.

The Policy, Participation, and Training Programme:

Allows people with the experience  of poverty to identify problems affecting their lives, express and deepen their reflections, and engage professionals and decision-makers in the search for common solutions. The projects in this programme are :

Giving Poverty a Voice:

Forums, workshops, and training sessions on public debating are organized on issues such as housing, education, welfare, family, and the community.

The Roles We Play:

This project highlights the essential contribution of each member of society, including those living in situations of exclusion or unemployment. It works to combat misconceptions and prejudices that stigmatize the most fragile people. Aiming to be a source of pride for all, this project includes photographs, videos, publications, and texts written by people about themselves.

Social Worker Training Programme:

This project, carried out with the Royal Holloway University,
organizes an exchange, using the Merging Knowledge method, between professionals and families living in poverty. Strong bonds are established with academics, policy practitioners, and key individuals in institutions dedicated to overcoming poverty.

The average annual budget for ATD Fourth World–United Kingdom is £350,000.

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