Tour of the Play “Hidden Colors”

In Switzerland, the automn tour of the musical performance “Hidden Colors” ( Verborgene Farben – Colori nascosti), directed by Jean-Marie Curti, began on Saturday, September 16. It was part of the Stop Poverty campaign to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ATD Fourth World in Switzerland. The creation of the play generated a large mobilization of different people for writing, musical composition, sceneries, costumes, They included both professionals and amateurs – some of whom experienced poverty. This tour will last until 12 November 2017.

The federal counsillor, Simonetta Sommaruga, was present in Treyvaux for the première of the play and made a short speech. A delegation of ATD Fourth World met her. It was Mrs. Sommaruga who, on 11 April 2013, apologized in the name of the Swiss Confederation to all the victims of “coercion for the purpose of assistance” and launched a large historical research project in which ATD Fourth World was strongly involved.

“Hidden Colors” tells the sorty of a child who – like Joseph Wresinski, founder of ATD Fourth World (1917-1988) – becomes, very early in his life, aware of the injustice of the poverty lived by his family. Alone, he sets out on a journey against preconceived ideas, along which he discovers gestures of solidarity along the way. Through this child’s eyes and feelings, the audience follows in the path of people who are excluded, and their experiences of the pifalls, the fear, the violence and the poverty, but also the courage, the solidarity, and the luck.

It was a touching play performed by a pair of mime artists, a small orchestra, walk-on actors and a choir in a tribute to people living poverty. It offered an invitation to affirm social cohesion rather than social exclusion.

Sewing costumes was very nice. At first, I made a lot of mistakes and felt uncertain but, together, we looked for solutions. We worked in a group and we were not alone. Thanks to the experience of working and looking for answers together, we made friends. It also was in hard times that the team spirit grew.” ~ Rösli Wirz, activist in Bâle.

To be able to offer my modest musical talent was memorable for me. Suffering from disability myself, the cause of destitute and marginal people affects me strongly. Through this wonderful play, we had the opportunity to be able to share with the public important topics, such as dignity and discrimination. This was a beautiful human adventure that we – professionals, people from poverty or not – experienced for almost two months together, and I was delighted. I was sure that my soul and my spirit would be revitalised! It has not always been the case in my artistic concert career… I was very happy to go on tour with all the crew.” ~ Michel Tirabosco, worldwide know musician

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