Ethics and Finances

Ethical benchmarks guide our action

Working towards greater consistency between our financial practices and our goal of eradicating poverty, ATD Fourth World abides by a financial ethics charter.

Annual Accounts

The actions of ATD Fourth World are driven mainly by the national structures in the countries where they are located.  The websites of these countries contain reports relating to their legal structure and their actions.

The International Movement ATD Fourth World’s annual accounts include international projects that take place throughout the world, the Forum for the Eradication of Poverty, some activities with young people at the European level, and part of the expenses of the International Leadership Team.  Also included are income and expenses related to starting new operations or antennas.  They do not include any project work within countries.

These accounts are certified by an auditor and are available in French at Les comptes annuels du Mouvement international ATD Quart Monde.

Globally, the overall budget of ATD Fourth World is about €22 million. Income is as follows:

  • 50% of our financial resources comes from indispensable support from our donors friends all over the world;
  • 30% is granted by public institutions that recognize and support our actions;
  • The remaining 20% comes from private organizations (foundations, companies, etc.), sales of books, DVDs, and other publications, financial products, and other income.

Excerpts of the international financial code of ethics

Some key points specifically guide our financial ethics:

  • The dignity of every person and the equal dignity of all human beings;
  • The importance of building connections between people, and valuing the participation and contributions of each person;
  • The search for a society not based on the overwhelming power of money.


We do not allow calls for funding from the general public whose messages would be inconsistent with our values and our actions, or would risk undermining the dignity of the people who live in poverty and exclusion.  We reject any arguments or illustrations that are focused on the misery of poverty.

Mailing Lists

We do not exchange, sell, or rent the mailing lists of our members, donors, and friends, nor do we purchase any mailing lists.


The main decision makers within ATD Fourth World are either Volunteer Corps members or unpaid volunteers.  Volunteer Corps members, regardless of their tasks and levels of responsibility, choose to live a simple lifestyle and receive modest salaries that take into account the number of family members and local living conditions.

Donation Allocation

The allocation of resources is carried out in strict accordance with the will of the donor.  The ATD Fourth World Foundation manages and allocates our financial reserves.

Financial Transparency

ATD Fourth World works to achieve the greatest financial transparency.  In line with this policy, ATD Fourth World national teams participate whenever possible in organizations or groups that certify financial accountability for the general public.