Tapori Children’s Network

Tapori is a worldwide network of children from all backgrounds whose motto is: "We want all children to have the same chances."

Tapori is a worldwide network of children aged 6-12 from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. Their shared aspiration is to learn how to become agents of positive change in their communities while fostering a world of friendship where all children have the same chances.

The bi-monthly Tapori newsletter allows children to collaborate on a theme and features stories and videos that promote children’s experiences around the globe. The group activities featured in the newsletter aim to enhance relationships, communication, listening skills, and reflection.

The inspiration behind Tapori originated during Joseph Wresinski’s visit to Bombay (now Mumbai), India, in 1965. While there, Wresinski, the founder of ATD Fourth World, encountered children living on the streets and in train stations. These children, known as ‘Tapoori.’ would climb onto trains and scavenge for food scraps left by travelers to share among themselves. With these children in mind, Wresinski created Tapori to provide all children with the opportunity to reflect, express their ideas, and work together to honor those who demonstrate solidarity even in challenging circumstances.

Approximately 40 Tapori groups exist in 18 countries across Africa, the Americas, and Europe.

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