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ATD Fourth World has teams in seven countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region. We also have contact with supporters and friends in other countries through the Forum for Overcoming Extreme Poverty and the Tapori network.

Throughout the region, ATD teams work to support quality education for all. We also work for an economy respectful of people and the planet. Access to culture and active participation in community life for those in extreme poverty is also important to ATD.  Our projects seek to give children and adults living in extreme poverty access to their human rights. Projects that recognize their dignity as human beings.

ATD Fourth World does this through street libaries, People’s Universities and Participatory Research initiatives like The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty project. to name just a few.

In 2020 ATD Latin America and the Caribbean wrote a series articles related COVID-19. These articles were about solidarity and support that exists in the poorest neighbourhoods of Latin America during the pandemic. The objective of these articles was to raise awareness and learn from those in extreme poverty.

In july 2020 a webinar in Spanish was held: Solidarity, mutual support and resilience: Learning from the initiatives of communities in poverty in Latin America during COVID-19. This webinar brought together members of ATD from throughout the region.

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