On every continent, supporters of ATD Fourth World help with fundraising in many ways:

  • Organizing raffles, yard sales, sports events, concerts or flea markets,
  • Getting sponsored for participation in charity races,
    Selling crafts for ATD Fourth World,
  • Grant-writing,
  • Crowdfunding via social networks,
  • Selling greeting cards,
  • Asking relatives to donate to ATD Fourth World in lieu of gifts for weddings or other events.

For example:

  • In Mauritius, the national Flag Day is our annual fundraising day to sponsor Street Libraries.
  • In the Netherlands, a small primary school finances a literacy program in the Philippines.
  • In Madagascar, a professional sold holiday gift baskets to his colleagues to raise money for a holiday festival for people living at a rubbish dump.
  • In the UK, a young professional turned her 40th birthday into a joyous occasion for children in Lima, Peru by inviting her friends to fund the construction of centre for cultural activities.

There are other projects awaiting your support. With your friends, colleagues, or neighbors, you can help overcome poverty! Regular funding is vital to enable ATD Fourth World to run dynamic cultural projects to benefit people in poverty. Thank you in advance for your help.

For more information please contact ATD in your country or region.

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