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Reunion Island

ATD Fourth World in the Indian Ocean has several teams in the Indian Ocean, including in Madagascar, Mauritius, and Reunion. We also maintain contacts with friends and organizations in the Comoros Islands, Mayotte, and Rodrigues.

The principle activities of ATD Fourth World in the Indian Ocean are:

  • Access to knowledge and culture through Street Libraries and Festivals of Learning;
  • Tapori gatherings;
  • People’s Universities, bringing people from different backgrounds together to discuss important subjects;
  • Family days, which bring together families living in poverty who live on the same island, and offer a time for relaxing and finding strength through creative activities, discussions, music, dance, and much more;
  • The World Day for Overcoming Poverty, prepared alongside partner organizations.

ATD Fourth World started in the Indian Ocean in the late 1970s, with a team in Reunion. After this a team started in Mauritius 1980 followed by Madagascar in 1980.


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