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Youth Summer Camps 2022

Are you between 18 and 30? Bring your hands and your curiosity to our camps in 2022!

Help with the upkeep of ATD’s international centre and the  Joseph Wresinski Centre both located just outside Paris, France. These centres  welcome and train Activists from around the world working to overcome extreme poverty. There is also a camp at La Bise Family House.

Camp activities include archiving work, as well as manual activities such as excavation, masonry, painting, and green space maintenance.  No experience required! Professionals will be on hand to help everyone learn new skills.

In the evening, there will be discussion groups and videos on extreme poverty around the world and ways to overcome it. Participants will hear from ATD Activists who have experienced poverty themselves. Working knowledge of French, Spanish, or English is desirable. Read about last year’s summer camps here!

2022 Youth Summer Camps Schedule*

May 3 – 8: Joseph Wresinski Centre, Baillet en France (Val d’Oise)
30 June – 5 July: International Centre, Méry-sur-Oise, near Paris

13-18 June: La Bise Family House

More dates to come!

* Dates subject to change depending on the public health situation. Updated January 24, 2022.

Practical information:

Baillet en France (Val d’Oise),  Joseph Wresinski Centre: 2, rue de la gare 95 560 Baillet-en-France

Méry-sur-Oise (Val d’Oise), 35 kms North-West of Paris, France; accessible by train from the central Paris train station ‘Gare du Nord’.

La Bise Family House:
Family Vacation Home
La Bise
39600 MESNAY

How much does it cost? Participants pay for their travel and approximately 10€/day for food and lodging (7€/day if you bring your own tent). Contact us for exact rates for your country. Reduced fees available in case of financial difficulty.

Contact:  for more information or you can sign up here.

Short video of a camp in 2019:

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