Children’s Art Exhibit in La Paz: “What We Need for Learning”

La Paz, Bolivia — In April 2012, the downtown National Museum of Art displayed “What We Need for Learning Well,” an interactive exhibit created entirely by children from the Tapori movement, in link with their schools and other institutions around the city.

“For me learning is something very important, especially learning from people who know more about life.
What is necessary for me to learn is tolerance, patience, and to know the difference between right and wrong.”

— Jhoselin

During the week of the exhibit, some two hundred other children visited it. The exhibit also attracted adults who discovered it while visiting other parts of the museum.

The interactive parts of the exhibit included games, arts and crafts, storytelling based on true situations of children in poverty around the world, and a guided tour sharing information about posters on the walls. Through these activities, the children visiting the exhibit were also invited to express their ideas about what all children need in order to learn well.

“What makes me sad is that, while I am studying in my middle school, there are other kids who want to study but because of the harsh reality they live in they can’t.
They have to work to be able to help their parents earn enough money to sustain the family. I wish I could change this situation and find a different way to help them.”

— Estrella

“I want to learn how to speak publicly because I’m scared of that, and I want to have peace and love.”

— Juan Luis