Corporate Partnerships

ATD Fourth World seeks partnerships with companies and corporate foundations.

The same actors who work to build our economies have an important role to play in building a better world. ATD Fourth World supports partnerships built on shared values.

What we can do together:

1. Choose a project you want to support financially

In France for example, ATD Fourth World is seeking financing for (a) a pilot project titled “No Long-Term Unemployment,” (b) support for families in Fives, an under-served community in the North of France; and (c) the Working and Learning Together project in the town of Noisy-le-Grand.

In Bolivia, to cite another example, our team is seeking support for the construction of a new House of Friendship.

ATD Fourth World will use your contribution entirely for the project(s) you choose. Financially supporting one of our projects may qualify for a tax deduction depending on local laws.

You can see all our projects that need financing in the section “support a project.”

2. Invite your colleagues to join ATD Fourth World projects

In more than 30 countries, local ATD Fourth World groups support ordinary people working to end poverty through street libraries, people’s universities, cultural events, family vacations, gatherings for World Day for Overcoming Poverty, and much more.

We need volunteers to help us run and manage these different projects. (link to join our projects).

3 – Donate your skills

Offering pro bono work can be a great team-building opportunity as colleagues work together on projects that reflect their values. ATD Fourth World is always open to people who want to share their skills.

Employees of your company who are interested can contribute directly to the work on our projects, including administrative support. To learn more, contact the national ATD Fourth World team in your country.

4 – Other partnerships

There are many more ways we can work together. Two examples:

• Initiatives that share a portion of profits with ATD projects, such as financing street libraries through the purchase of a product.
• Donating office supplies to support ATD offices.