I Relay Everything by Phone

Image above: Detail from “Lives that will not be silent”, 2019, Créteil (France) – ATD Fourth World © Guendouz Bensidoum

Message from Lucette Palas, ATD Fourth World activist in Réunion Island.

In Réunion Island we are in quarantine, like in the city. This makes life difficult, especially when we are far from town, living in the mountains.

We have the right to go only one kilometer from our house to go grocery shopping. However, the closest supermarket to us is very far, and there are not many buses that come by anymore. In the bus we are very crowded and it makes you scared of being in contact with people. Even the cashiers don’t have masks or gloves.

It’s very difficult for the elderly. We can no longer go see them so as not to expose them to the virus. However, the stress and depression are felt more and more.

Like others, I had to stop physical therapy sessions and I feel the pain returning.

The kids have classes through the Internet. However, without a computer we have to do it by telephone. The network is overwhelmed, especially in the mountains of the island. It’s very complicated. Personally I don’t have the academic experience to help my daughter in the 9th grade.

I am relaying everything by phone for those who don’t have Internet, and to learn the news.

And on Facebook, we created a group to know where we can give food packages. Everyone is trying to offer something different.

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