Education for All

In 2000, the global community established six goals to meet the learning needs of all people by 2015. These objectives, known as Education for All (EFA), have shaped the education priorities of UNESCO and have served as targets for the global community to pursue.

The teams of ATD Fourth World have been working with governments, non-governmental organizations, and community members to achieve these objectives in local communities. Recognizing the importance of education in poverty reduction and sustainable development, we have cooperated with students, teachers, parents, and communities to ensure that children of impoverished families can have equal education and learning opportunities.

Our report on the Millennium Development Goals includes an assessment of the progress made in achieving these goals from 2000 to 2013. We highlight the multiple and overlapping challenges represented by very impoverished families, as well as successful practices undertaken in different countries. Our assessment can be found in Chapter 5 of the report here.

Starting in 2016, the EFA goals will be revised to emphasize more inclusive and quality universal education for all to be achieved by 2030. ATD Fourth World has contributed to forming new objectives by underscoring priority to the most marginalized populations, including a special reference to gender equality.

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