Children of Courage – A radio show run by Tapori children

Since 2008, ATD Fourth World in Bukavu has been running a weekly radio broadcast with Tapori children – Children of Courage. It is broadcast every Sunday on a community-owned station called Neno la Uzima. The children speak about what they are doing in their group, giving listeners concrete examples of what they mean by “the right to friendship for all.” Different subjects they have spoken about on their broadcast include:

  • What does it mean to be “poor”?
  • How to get involved in the World Day for Overcoming Poverty
  • Young people and television
  • Why is there hunger? What are the consequences of hunger for children?
  • When life no longer inspires hope, is a person necessarily ready to commit violence?
  • Even as a child, is it important to have a dream for the world?
  • Does listening help us to build peace? Is it important to learn to listen to others?