International Support Structures

ATD Fourth World has three administrative bodies under French law that help ensure the sustainability of its work and build solidarity among members worldwide:

  •  The French association “ATD Quart Monde – Terre et Homme de Demain,” is an international solidarity organization. It organizes the administrative and financial support for ATD Fourth World teams worldwide.
  • The ATD Fourth World Foundation, recognized in France as a public interest organization since 1971, manages of ATD’s assets. It ensures ATD’s financial security and sustainability. The ATD Fourth World Foundation manages financial reserves and resources from bequests and donations.
  • The International Volunteer Corps Association is the administrative body of ATD Fourth World’s Volunteer Corps members. Created under French law in 1971, the International Volunteer Corps Association ensures each member — regardless of their country of origin, age, or seniority — receives the support and resources they need.

International Leadership Team

The International Leadership Team (ILT) is responsible for managing ATD’s operations around the world.

Together with ATD Fourth World’s Executive Board, the ILT is responsible for coordinating ATD worldwide. This involves sparking creative initiatives, and motivating ATD members, particularly for members dedicated to ATD’s goal of a world without poverty.

ATD Fourth World’s Volunteer Corps, in consultation with activists, allies, supporters and friends, has the responsibility of choosing the ILT. ATD’s General Assembly then elects the team for a term of four years.

The ILT is responsible for the evaluation process that leads to ATD’s guidelines and priorities.

The ILT is supported by:

Regional and national teams. Each supports ATD’s work and members and develops exchanges and common projects between regions and countries with the ILT.

Teams based at ATD’s International Center. These teams have a number of responsibilities including but not limited to: administration, training, communications, ethics, and finance. There are also several teams working on specific tasks like ILT administrative support, international advocacy, promoting October 17, and archives and research.