International Support Structures

ATD Fourth World has three administrative bodies under French law that help ensure sustainability of its actions and nurture solidarity among members worldwide:

• The French association “ATD Quart Monde – Terre et Homme de Demain,” (World and People of Tomorrow) is an international solidarity organization. It organizes the administrative and financial support for ATD Fourth World teams present in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean.

• The ATD Fourth World Foundation, recognized in France as a public interest organization since 1971, ensures the management of real and personnel property. With priority towards those in deepest poverty, it ensures ATD Fourth World’s financial security and sustainability. Practically speaking, this foundation manages ATD’s financial reserves and their use, its own resources coming from bequests and donations within France.

• The International Volunteer Corps Association is the administrative body of ATD Fourth World’s full-time, long-term Volunteer Corps. Created under French law in 1971, it ensures that each ATD Volunteer — regardless of her or his country of origin, age, or seniority in the organization — receives the support and resources to adhere to collective choices such as:  maintaining a modest lifestyle, rejecting the notion of career-building, and fostering equity and unity among members.