Annual Review 2017 – ATD Tanzania


We are very happy to present to you the Annual Review for 2017 of ATD Fourth World Tanzania. Here, we share with you, our members and supporters, the main actions, events and stories that inspired each of us to mobilize during the year, as well as the good practices and lessons learned in the struggle to overcome extreme poverty.

It is through you, our members and supporters, that it has been possible for ATD Fourth World to grow in Tanzania over the last sixteen years as we have engaged with people and families seeking to overcome extreme poverty and exclusion.

Building on this legacy, members of ATD Fourth World Tanzania committed their energy and strength during 2017 to reach out to the most excluded people in order to build friendship and trust, and to support them in their initiatives to overcome extreme poverty.

We hope that our Annual Review will remind you of the positive commitment you have shown in the past year and will inspire you to deepen it even further as we accompany and support people who daily struggle to resist the realities of poverty, injustice and exclusion in their lives in the hope of a better future for themselves and their children.

Let us all move forward together in hope, confidence and solidarity.

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