Acting Together to End Poverty

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. October 17, the World Day for Overcoming Poverty, is an opportunity to highlight how we can “act together to empower children, their families and communities to end poverty”.

In the video below we see people ACTING TOGETHER for the rights of children and to end poverty in all its forms.

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This video presents a series of initiatives in various countries:
Democratic Republic of Congo: Children mobilize the community through their willingness and commitment to leave no one behind. They are leading the way.
France: Doing theater play, children learn to get to know each other and accept their differences.
Central African Republic: Despite the conflict in the country, adults and young people are working to ensure that children continue to learn, without forgetting anyone.
Haiti: The aim of the projects presented is to value and strengthen each parent in order to support the children’s learning.
Brazil: It is important to create connections in the community, while valuing local knowledge, so that everyone can contribute.
Philippines: Every child’s learning is everyone’s business.
In conclusion: The words of a specialist who states that experts in human rights are people who experience injustice, victims of the violence of poverty.

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