Burkina Faso : a Song to Mark Wresinski’s Example

In Burkina Faso, ATD Fourth World members composed a song in memory of ATD founder Joseph Wresinski and performed it on Saturday, February 14 at ATD’s Courtyard in Ouagadougou.

Gathered to mark the anniversary of Wresinski’s death (February 14, 1988), members expressed through different means how the ATD Fourth World founder’s message continues to inspire them. The song was created and sung by young musicians Alassane (aka Z’Allas), Ahmed (aka Mano-fils), Ousseini (aka Goubson), and René (aka Ouedraogo).

Those gathered also watched together the film “A 50-year Fight Against Poverty”, after which one of the members confirmed:

What Fr. Joseph Wresinski said bears witness to his personal commitment to the voiceless, to those who live in extreme poverty. It’s important that we put ourselves in step with Wresinski’s commitment.

See below to listen to Burkina Faso members’ song composed for the anniversary of founder, Joseph Wresinski’s death.

Fr. Joseph, We’re Thinking of You on this Day (translated from Mossi and Bambara languages)


Good work, Fr. Joseph! (in the Mossi language)

Good work, Fr. Joseph! (in Bambara)

Verse 1:

Fr. Joseph we’re thinking of you on this day

Because you showed us the road to take:

Come together to build the world – yeah, yeah, that’s the way –

Go towards others to meet and exchange – yeah, yeah, that’s the way –

Make known the knowledge of the poorest people – yeah, yeah, that’s the way –


Good work, Fr. Joseph!

Good work, Fr. Joseph!

Verse 2:

May the one who thinks he doesn’t know

Teach the one who thinks he does.

Chanson père Joseph BF 150214