“In-work Poverty” in Great Britain

ATD activist talks about In-work poverty.

In the video below about the growth of in-work poverty, ATD Fourth World Activist Trish talks about living in poverty despite working. “You’ve got to make every penny count”, she says, just to cover food, gas, electric, and other bills. One has to be shrewd and inventive to live on so little.

“People want to work. They’re happy to work.” But it’s not worth it, Trish explains. When you go to work, benefits are cut and you remain in poverty. “You are just not getting anywhere.” Despite her struggles, Trish feels lucky to have a job.

More on ATD Fourth World in the UK.
ATD UK has two major branches:  The first is policy participation and training. The team organizes workshops and programs to foster the genuine and meaningful participation of people living in poverty in policy discussions that impact their lives.
The second focus is family support.  At Frimhurst Family House, ATD UK provides a place for families to take a break from the challenges of daily life in a comfortable country setting.
Other projects include The Roles We Play: Recognising the Contributions of People in Poverty, a photographic project that highlights the positive roles people in poverty play in society.
Check out ATD UK’s website for find out more.

Video by Trust for London

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