October 17, 2017 Worldwide – in Pictures

The thirtieth anniversary of the World Day for Overcoming Poverty (October 17 ) was celebrated throughout the world in 2017. People from many different countries shared their experiences living in poverty and exclusion in speeches or through theatre and singing.

Photo overview of October 17, 2017 – a day full of emotion, unity, and solidarity.


Burkina Faso

March to the Fourth World commemorative memorial in Manega, October 17 2017
Activists speaking in front of the World Day for Overcoming Poverty memorial.
Conference in Ouagadougou

Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)


Guatemala (Guatemala City)

Tribute to the 13 peace ambassadors, who have changed the Rose of Peace every October 17 since 2004. A thanks for their contribution to peace when living in situations of extreme poverty.


Ireland (Dublin)

Launch of 17 hope boats made by schoolchildren, in front of the Famine Memorial, in memory of the boats that took famine survivors out of Ireland.


Performance of “un peuple les yeux ouverts” – a people with open eyes. Performed with 50 actors, a mix of professionals and amateurs, of all ages and different regions of France.
Paris – Village des initiatives (October 14 & 15)
Choir at the Trocadero in Paris

Belgium (Brussels)


Very popular “Hidden colours” show.

Philippines (Manila)