The Power of a Respectful Community

Anyone visiting the Gallup Flea Market in the last ten years has probably seen ATD Fourth World’s Story Garden. Located in the state of New Mexico, Story Garden (similar to a Street Library) has impacted thousands of people in this Southwestern region of the United States. Emphasizing the power of creativity and learning, Story Garden gives everyone who attends a sense of belonging. It is a place where each person is truly valued and treated with respect.

On September 17th, ATD Fourth World USA celebrated the 10th anniversary of Story Garden in the Gallup Flea Market. The celebration included a film featuring Story Garden participants from over the years. Krystal Curley, a Diné (Navajo) filmmaker and Executive Director of Indigenous Lifeways, directed this beautiful tribute to the the power of community. ATD Fourth World USA is very grateful for her partnership and friendship over the years.

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