Switzerland | Looking Back at 2015

During 2015, members of ATD Fourth World invested time in a variety of projects.

Several of these focused on children or young people:

  • Street Library cultural activities in low-income communities of Geneva and Basel;
  • Tapori weekend-long workshops for children of all backgrounds to get to know one another;
  • Construction projects for young people
  • Workshops for young people to learn skills
  • Summer vacation respite stay for families, which took place in Treyvaux.

A group of ATD members called “Researchers of History for Our Children’s Future” worked actively to gain recognition for people who in their childhood were victimised by the Swiss policy of coercing parents to give up their children. This group organised several events in 2015 and reinforced partnerships with other organisations of people victimised by this policy.

Other projects included:

  • Representing ATD Fourth World at the United Nations
  • Welcoming several Chinese-speaking friends of ATD
  • Facilitating or joining in art workshops held in the street
  • Publishing and organising a book launch for an autobiography by Nelly Schenker. (Written in Swiss German, the book’s title is Es langs, langs Warteli für es goldigs Nüteli).
  • Nominating a new national facilitation team.