Tapori Newsletter – N°430

Dear Taporis,
After a long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we discovered that many of you went back to school. Despite the resumption of classes, some cannot go to school every day. Many have not been able to go back at all. We wish you a lot of courage, whatever your situation is. We hope you can keep the desire to learn and you like this Tapori newsletter.

In this Tapori newsletter, we want to share with you the messages that we received from children from different countries. They tell us about how each one does their part to take care of others and of the planet, like the hummingbird, bringing water droplets to the great fire. “I look after you. You look after me” is the message
that stood out from their reflections and their actions. Another theme in their messages was the water that surrounds them in their everyday life. You will discover children living by rivers, lakes and seas who know very well that every single one of their actions, as simple as they might seem, can impact their community. We hope that their messages can inspire you and that you can yourself be involved in something meaningful, wherever you are.

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