Tapori Newsletter – July-September 2018

Sabaydee*, Dear Tapori Friends

Sabaydee*, (pronunciation: sabba-ee-dee) means “Hello” in Laotian. You say it while joining your two hands in front of your chest. In fact, we are now taking you to Laos in this newsletter, a country in Asia. Right now this country is going through hard times. On July 30th, a big dam that was being built in the south collapsed. A huge amount of water flooded the countryside. Many people lost their lives, and more than 6,000 people lost their homes. In the last issue of Tapori there was some news from Laos.

We presented the mini-book “The Dream Activity”. This story was written in the Summer of 2016 with the APPREN association in two villages, Dongsavath and Oudomphone, in the province of Vientiane, the capital of Laos. The story was about the life of children there and what they wish for.

First, the children were given blank cards. All the children were asked to write a true story of their lives on the card they each received. They had two days of practice, after which they wrote their story and made drawings on the card. Then they acted out some of the stories and from this activity came the story that you will read in this issue of Tapori Newsletter.

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