The Invisibility of Women in Poverty: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?

For the last two years a group of professors at the Sorbonne University in Paris have met regularly with members of ATD Fourth World. This working group discusses ATD’s methods from the perspective of professors in history, law and economics who have visited the Joseph Wresinski Archives and Research Centre in Baillet, France. There is also a working group of students from the Sorbonne. Working together, both groups have organized two conferences, one on the law and another on the role people in poverty can play in research projects.

The next conference, scheduled for Tuesday April 28, from 5-7pm French time, is titled:  The Invisibility of Women in Poverty: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?

Because of COVID-19, this conference will be streamed online. You can follow it on the YouTube channel of the Sorbonne’s Institute of Early Modern and Modern History:

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Questions can be submitted through the online chat section. Three students will moderate the chat and ask submitted questions to the speakers.

The UN Women SONU student association is involved in organizing the conference, which is also supported by Generation Equality Voices and the UN Women France Committee.

The conference will be documented and archived with the Joseph Wresinski Archives and Research Centre on June 18, 2020.

More on this conference can be found at:


Michele Grenot: Historian
ATD Fourth World
Pierre Serna: Historian and Director of the Institute of History of the French Revolution at the Sorbonne

Michelle Perrot: Activist, historian and Professor Emeritus of Contemporary History at the Paris Diderot University – The Silences of History

Diane Roman: Law professor Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne – “Care Is Burden”: Women’s Work at Home, a Human Rights Issue

Naomi Anderson: ATD Fourth World Volunteer Corps member, working with people in poverty in Great Britain and Marseille, France – “The roles we play”: A Campaign to Resist Invisibility

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