The Roles We Play: Introducing the project…

Excerpt from the August 2015 The Roles We Play newsletter.

Dear friends,
We would like to introduce The Roles We Play:
Recognising the Contribution of People in Poverty; a
full-colour publication, exhibition and multi-media
project from ATD Fourth World and artist and
photographer Eva Sajovic.

“The work aims to highlight the efforts and
validate the achievements of people who
experience poverty and social exclusion in the
UK and to challenge the negative attitudes
often held towards such people.”
Dann Kenningham, project coordinator

The Roles We Play: Recognising the Contribution of
People in Poverty is a collection of photographic
portraits and self-written biographies exploring the roles
played by those living in poverty within their families,
communities and society at large.

When we started this project, the individuals and
families at ATD Fourth wanted The Roles We Play to
offer a new and refreshing perspective on the lives of
those facing poverty in the UK. We wanted the project
to help to build new perceptions of others around us,
strengthen community cohesion and encourage
positive interaction between social groups.

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