What’s Beautiful about Being a Woman?

What’s beautiful about being a woman? Eleven women from around the world answer this question for International Women’s Day 2022!

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Marta, Poland
The cool thing about being a woman is that people look at us differently, with understanding and love. The most important thing for a woman is motherhood, understanding of the child towards the mother.

Inga, United States
What it means to me to be a woman is to honor what my grandmothers and my mother taught us, which is to love and accompany with tenderness and at the same time strength.

Nikki, United Kingdom
Hi, I’m Nikki and I love being a woman because my body has grown six beautiful children, yeah, and giving birth: absolutely amazing!

Gloricia, Haiti
You carry a child for nine months. Then you take care of it. You look for ways to feed it, to educate it. It’s a source of pride for me.

Julia, Brazil
I am very happy to be a woman, to be able to carry children in my womb. I am very happy to be the mother of my daughters.

Keila, Brazil
My name is Keila, I’m from Brazil. What I find beautiful about being a woman is this strength to give life. What I also like about being a woman is our beauty and sensitivity.

Lareine, United Kingdom
Hi! What I love about being a woman is the fact that I can do multi-tasking! I can be talking on the phone, I can be cooking at the same time, I can be looking after my child. This ability to do many things at once. That’s what I love in being a woman.

Zena, Tanzania
Hi, my name is Zena Rajabu from Tandale. I am proud to be a woman because of our power and can do. We are untiring fighters and hard workers. So I would like to be an example. That is why I’m proud being a woman.

Micol, Italy
There is a strength that unites us women all over the world in any historical period because of what we have experienced and we continue to experience. We recognize and we identify ourselves by that strength. This is what unites us among ourselves.

Jamila, Tanzania
I’m proud to be a woman because the woman is the leader of the family. At home I raise my children alone, I send them to school and feed them.

Pelagie, Rwanda
I am proud to be a woman because a woman is the source of life. She can conceive and give birth after nine months. Women bring life into the world.

Anna, Tanzania
I am proud to be a woman. A woman is a leader, a guardian. A woman takes care of a family and the community.

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