Rediscovering Art

Rediscovering Art* engages participants in trying to create works of art that truly embody all the meanings of the word “art.” It also enables other people to rediscover art by organizing workshops, visiting galleries, and much more. Everyone has something in them of an artist seeking to create, and everyone can also appreciate the creations of others.

Rediscovering Art brings people from different backgrounds together to build bridges and encourage creativity. Working with ATD Fourth World, Rediscovering Art allows encounters between:
• People who have lived or are living in extreme poverty and practice any kind of artistic expression;
• People who, full time or on a regular basis, organize and run artistic workshops
• ATD Fourth World members whose artwork is the centre of their lives, and who are developing their artistic skills.

Each step in Rediscovering Art is a testimony to how rich the artistic experience can be. Sharing the journey inspires others to create, explore, work, and enjoy art.

* The term “rediscovering art” comes from a seminar that took place on July 13 and 14, 2013, in the ATD Fourth World international centre in France.

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