International Archives Day – June 9th 2018

This year the Joseph Wresinski Centre for history and research will celebrate for the first time International Archives Day, which takes place every year on June 9th.

This day aims to raise public awareness of the importance of archives, as they constitute the memory of all people thanks to unique testimonies about the past.

The theme this year is “Archives: Governance, Memory, and Heritage.”

Since ATD Fourth World’s beginning,  members have been determined to preserve all documents that bear witness to the struggle of people living in extreme poverty and the commitment to social justice of those who work alongside them.

The Joseph Wresinski Centre’s participation is a continuation of Joseph Wresinski’s belief in the importance of preserving evidence (written, photographic, audiovisual, artistic) of ATD’s struggle against extreme poverty, and in particular the resistance of the most underprivileged people.

The Joseph Wresinski Centre was created in 2005 in order to bring together and preserve ATD’s archival heritage from all five continents, written in some thirty languages. This heritage is a resource for future ATD initiatives, but also makes the struggle of those in extreme poverty more widely known in France and throughout the world.

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