Example of ATD Archives: African Regional Delegation

For June 9th, International Archives Day, ATD Fourth World International, in conjunction with the Joseph Wresinski Archives and Research Centre, is highlighting ATD’s work related to archiving and documenting the history of those in deep poverty.

An ATD Fourth World archives sample: records from the African Regional Delegation

To continue bearing witness to the struggle of people confronted with extreme poverty, the Joseph Wresinski Archives and Research Centre is especially interested in collecting the archives of the ATD Fourth World teams around the world.

In 2017, the Joseph Wresinski Archives and Research Centre received archives from the African Regional Delegation from 2003 to 2017 (distribution no. 1101).

The ATD Fourth World’s regional delegations were established in the early 2000s. Their primary goal was to assist local ATD teams of Volunteer Corps members and “Supporters” (ATD friends involved in the struggle against extreme poverty) in planning their activities. The regional delegates are also responsible for training and supporting the work of all ATD members.

The African Regional Delegation archives are a collection of digital records containing more than 27,000 text, photographic, and video files. These archives illustrate the daily life of ATD Fourth World’s African Regional Delegation team and its ties with the local ATD teams in African countries. The African Regional Delegation maintained regular correspondence with a range of people on the continent, both members and non-members of ATD Fourth World. The archives include correspondence and work with other ATD Regional Delegates around the world and the ATD International Centre. They also provide a record of campaigns and events organized by ATD during this period of time.

Above Photo: October 17, 2015 Patrice Emery Lumumba Boulevard, Labotte neighbourhood, town of Ibanda (Democratic Republic of Congo). © ATD Fourth World/Joseph Wresinski Archives and Research Centre