A Visit to Burkina Faso

By Jacqueline Plaisir

I am currently visiting members of ATD Fourth World in Burkina Faso. From 5 to 7 February 2016 about 40 of our members from Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, and France gathered here to exchange information about the programs on which each is working as well as to build up each other’s courage in a session entitled “Sharing our experiences.”
Certain participants spoke of how each found the strength to resist the poverty they face. We broke into smaller discussion groups, then came together again in a plenary session to share the highlights of what each group discussed.

I was particularly moved by these testimonials:

“The misery of poverty does affect us. But we think everyone has a place in society. No one should be excluded.”

“Everyone’s dignity should be respected. These are the convictions we share and which drive our engagements. We are indignant at social inequality.”

“We found our parents in poverty and our characters were forged by their courage to resist. Our children see how we fight to change our condition — that gives us hope!”

“We refuse to accept the misery of poverty — which is a form of violence. Even if sometimes our efforts amount only to a drop of water in the ocean and doubt our usefulness, we keep going because our action gives meaning to our lives.”

“The resistance of people who live in poverty pushes us forward.”


Photo : ATD Fourth World – Burkina Faso