Conference: Culture, the Foundation of Our Humanity, Luxembourg

This article is imported from our 2017 Stop Poverty Campaign web site.

To mark the 30th Anniversary of the World Day for Overcoming Poverty, a conference entitled “Culture, the Foundation of Our Humanity” will take place on Wednesday, 25 October  in the Neimënster Cultural Encounter Center, José Ensch Hall, Luxembourg, organised by ATD Fourth World.

The principal speaker will be Huguette Redegeld, a member of ATD Fourth World’s Volunteer Corps and former collaborator of Joseph Wresinski,  the founder of the Movement, the centenary of whose birth also takes place this year.  A personal testimony will be given by Mr. Paul Mootz, percussionist, with the aid of audio-visual media.

The conference-debate will be an opportunity to discuss together the role of the right to culture in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. A Luxembourgish translation will also be provided.

Location:  Neimënster Cultural Encounter Center, José Ensch Hall, Luxemburg.

Date; Wednesday 25/10/17

Time:  19hrs 30

Please register for the conference at the email address:  or tel: 43 53 24 20. Entrance free.

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