Can You Help Us Renovate ATD Fourth World’s Training Center in Dakar, Senegal?

For over 30 years, this regional training center has sustained the commitment of people working to fight poverty in Senegal and across Africa. In order for this work to continue the center needs to be renovated and properly equipped to:

  • support those who are committed alongside the people with the hardest lives living in extreme poverty
  • bring to light African initiatives in overcoming poverty and developing solidarity
  • influence development projects and programs so that no one is left behind
  • be a place for training and dialogue among NGOs, policy-makers, economists and researchers around themes linked to overcoming poverty

If you can help, please go to, choosing “I give to Senegal.” In the space for notes, please and indicating “for repairs to the center.”

Volunteers from across Africa meet at ATD Fourth World’s training center in Dakar, Senegal.

Training: What some of our members say:

“In a world where the not-for-profit sector is disappearing and where people volunteer less and less, it is indispensable that we meet and train people who do volunteer with a movement like ATD Fourth World where the sense of personal engagement is capital.


“We can run cultural activities underneath a mango tree; but we also need places that are welcoming and respectful of each person in order for our movement to speak with authority.

“Meeting one another gives security and helps to build respectful relations. In these relationships, we discover the fragility of people but we are not going to use it to push them even further down. We want people to be able to find the strength to stand up again.”

— Koffi Gnagoran, the Ivory Coast


“ATD is like a school. It’s a place where people learn to think. If someone doesn’t think, others might talk to them like they weren’t even human. Today I can speak up for myself.”
— M., Senegal

Because this center has been functioning for more than thirty years, it needs repairs and equipment for meetings, seminars, and working groups. The work will involve sealing walls, laying tiles, carpentry, plumbing, electricity and paint work. The renovations will also increase the center’s capacity to welcome people.

The provisional budget for repairs and equipment is about $27,400. We still lack about $16,400. We need your help to make this project happen.

We promise to keep you informed of the results of this project as soon as it has been completed.

If you can help, please go to, choosing “I give to Senegal.” In the space for notes, please and indicating “for repairs to the center.”

Your gift can make a difference! Thank you for your support.


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