Hidden Dimensions of Poverty Workshop

Event Launch: Educational resource and workshop on Hidden Dimensions of Poverty

ATD Ireland is excited to announce a new educational resource and workshop guide called “The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty”. Based on  groundbreaking research recently conducted by ATD and Oxford University, this educational tool will raise awareness about the daily realities of poverty.

There will be a public launch of the Hidden Dimensions of Poverty Educational Resource on September 17 2021 at 2pm (Irish time) over Zoom.  Register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0rf-CtrjIpG9DJoWXL9YkO93JKztSY-ouy

Unseen aspects of poverty

The workshop resource is intended to expand understanding of poverty by bringing attention to aspects that often remain unseen. These include feelings of shame and powerlessness, damaged health and well-being, and a lack of control over choices. In addition, the ATD/Oxford research illustrated how others often fail to recognize the skills and contributions of those living in poverty.

Designed to be engaging and accessible to all ages and educational levels, the resource includes an Educator’s Toolkit and Guide .

In order to raise awareness about the daily realities of poverty, the resource includes video conversations with people who have experienced hardship for years. Intended to encourage a positive exchange of views among participants, the resource guides them through new insights about this important contemporary issue in Irish society.


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  1. Well done and thank you!

    i would like to add my tuppence worth, two things which I am sure you have addressed:

    … whether alone in extreme poverty…or whether one is the poorest in an established poor community i.e. still alone, ACCESS to the simplest or more important information, is virtually impossible.
    Result: humiliation, rejection, isolation, violence, over and over… a downward, solitary spiral.

    Once information obtained, TAKING the FIRST STEP is more often than not illusive,and always the hardest.

    Talking of first times, here are two images which have accompanied me most of my life:

    The man who said: “I shall do anything however menial, I shall bear anything however hard but no matter what but I shall never stoop to begging”…until there was no longer anything, menial to do…until he had taken all the hardship he could, until the day, beaten, he dug deep and put out his hand…that first time. He died the ultimate death.

    And the woman who said: “I shall work like a slave however much they humiliate me, I shall provide for my children even if I have to beg, lie or steal, but I shall never stoop to selling myself to the lowest bidder”…until the day she was no longer a slave, until the cries of her children grew weak, until she set out for her meeting in the garden … that first time.

    We walk and we seek …the quiet one, the eyes we try to find, the humiliated, the isolated.
    We see courage, perseverance, strength and resilience.
    We build bridges where we can, together.
    We see smiles and hear laughter, share joy and sorrow.
    We don’t know how they do it, but they do.
    The World needs them to join the flock and lead us on to good pasture.

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