In Bukavu, Tapori members take the lead in the community

In April 2014, Tapori members in the Kadutu neighborhood came together to repair a local road that had become impassable because of potholes.

Through this activity, Tapori members wanted to raise community awareness and reach local authorities, police, school administrators. In particular, they aimed to draw attention to the danger of disease caused by stagnant water in puddles. They succeeded beyond all expectations! Seeing what the youth were doing, other people (police, neighbors) helped out in a variety of ways, making this a community project. One mother brought large stones for plugging holes. A father worked to break the stones. Another person gave pieces of baked bricks. Some people came to help, while others contributed ideas and encouragement. With the work done, the road is back to normal!

As one Tapori leader said: “children and youth are the agents of development in our communities!