Newsletter August 2018 – ATD Tanzania

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Dear friends,
As featured in our latest Newsletter, our ongoing multi-dimensional poverty research project has clearly shown, through meetings and discussions with people living in poverty and with other stakeholders, that the daily reality of extreme poverty can have different dimensions and expressions.

In July this year, children were the focus of the fieldwork for this project. In concrete terms, they shared with us how the denial of fundamental rights such as inadequate time to enjoy childhood and challenges with accessing and maintaining education can heighten the prospect of them not being able to realise their full potential and of experiencing many difficulties in later life as adults.

In June, a 4-person delegation from ATD Tanzania participated in an international seminar at ATD Fourth World International Centre in Pierrelaye, France which included participants from 14 countries. The aim of this seminar was to merge knowledge and to share stories of ‘learning from success’ so as to better understand the conditions necessary for a successful education for everyone, including for children living in extreme poverty. Discover how our
delegates got on.

Stories of Change, an initiative of ATD’s Stop Poverty Campaign in 2017, featured a story of one member of ATD Fourth World Tanzania, Reuben. His story, described here, explains how people coming together through a rural cooperative enabled a whole community to find its own pathway to successful development.

Again highlighting the importance of education, our Newsletter also features the adult literacy activity organized by ATD in the Tandale area of Dar es Salaam and how it enabled a group of learners to discover the gift of reading and writing. As a result, the learners today feel more confident and independent, having achieved an important personal milestone in overcoming a life of exclusion and leaving behind the fear of humiliation.

We hope you will enjoy reading our Newsletter.
Laurent Ganau,
ATD Fourth World Tanzania

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