Artisans of Peace Overcoming Poverty – Volume 1: A People-Centered Movement

Artisans of Peace Overcoming Poverty Volume 1 introduces partners in peacebuilding whose efforts have too often remained unrecognized. In Haiti, these are people like: Merita Colot, who lived in a “no-go zone” and made a point of opening her door for child development projects; Jean-Hughes Henrys, a doctor who refuses to leave for greener pastures and who fights brain drain by encouraging young people to remain despite hardship; and Michèle Montas, then Special Adviser to the UN, who sought out people like Merita and her neighbors so they could provide insights from their experience on how to rebuild the country in such a way that no one would be left behind.

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ATD Fourth World is a movement of resistance to the violence of poverty. At the heart of this resistance, beyond the struggle to survive, is people’s commitment to solidarity for building a better future for all. What links all the people who have chosen to be part of ATD Fourth World is not an ideology or a social, humanitarian, or economic theory, nor is it a shared political party or religion. What links them is a shared belief in the importance of people.

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