Get involved

Everyone who gets involved provides hope for the poorest
ATD Fourth World only exists thanks to the contributions of over a hundred thousand people who offer their skills and time to our fight against poverty, often alongside poor people and communities, or by supporting those living in poverty.
In their own circles, they try to bring about the necessary social change in order to fight social exclusion and injustice and to get other people involved in building a society without poverty.
There are many ways you can get involved. Here are just a few examples:

  • by bringing your artistic skills to a Summer Street Workshop;
  • by helping with fundraising;
  • by taking part in a research project;
  • by visiting very excluded families;
  • by helping in our offices;
  • by taking part in teachers’ groups that aim to enable every child to learn at school;
  • by helping to dialogue with the political world.
    If you want to get involved, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, either by contacting the team in your country or our International Centre. Contact an ATD Fourth World team in your area.

Wherever men and women are condemned to live in extreme poverty, human rights are violated.
To come together to ensure that these rights be respected is our solemn duty.

Joseph Wresinski