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ATD Fourth World has been present in Haiti for more than 25 years, particularly in the very low-income neighborhood of Haut Martissant (Port-au-Prince). The team consists of ten full-time Volunteer Corps members and is linked to about 1,500 families.

The Fourth World House, the center of activities, provides a much-needed meeting place. Each day adults, young people, and children spend time there participating in activities, sharing news, or requesting support to access their rights. ATD Fourth World closely involves local residents in the design and evaluation of its projects. These projects give people in the deepest situations of poverty the means to care for and educate their children, to meet together and with other people, and to express their thoughts. Some projects aim for long-term results, while others provide occasional support to cope with daily emergencies.

Health Care

Since 2011 ATD Fourth World has been committed to actions around health care:

  • The Babies Welcome program provides early-childhood development for 150 children from birth to age 3
    and includes parents in the activities. Some 70 of the children also take part in a malnutrition-prevention program.
  • The Health Card, a system of innovative health coverage for very low-income families, allows more than
    3,000 people from 850 families to access health care.


  • The Seed of Hope pre-school has 70 students, ages 4 to 6, divided into two classes by age. Despite the children’s very difficult living conditions, the pre-school prepares them for successful entry into primary school.
  • Two Street Libraries, including one hosted in a shelter for homeless boys, are held weekly. They reach
    60 to 70 children aged 6 to 15. These activities allow the children to embrace the world, to dream, and to discover the pleasure of reading.
  • Computer workshops encourage young people to develop skills on which to build their future. Twelve
    young people are currently enrolled.

Expression and Participation

These involve adult gatherings, reading groups, and public events such as the celebration of the World Day for Overcoming Poverty. More than 100 adults assemble on October 17 to take part in dialogue, reflection, and civic engagement, as well as to exercise their freedom of expression. All these activities allow people to gain skills and confidence in the daily struggle against poverty.

The annual budget for ATD Fourth World–Haiti is $213,500 (€190,000).

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