ATD Fourth World has been present in Bolivia since 1994

For 20 years, ATD has carried out cultural activities in Bolivia through involvement with children, young people, and adults. At the ATD Fourth World house in the neighborhood of Senkata in El Alto, people from different social backgrounds gather to discuss extreme poverty and to take action against it.
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Street Library

The Street Library (Biblioteca de Calle in Spanish) is open to anyone. There, children and their families come together to discover the pleasure of reading all kinds of books. In this space, they also have access to quality art and culture. In addition, the Street Library provides a chance to meet and create ties with other families who experience exclusion from society. Currently, a Street Library takes place in the poverty-stricken district of El Alto.

Festival of Learning

ATD’s Festivals of Learning (Festival del Saber) turn the streets into a place of celebration where everyone has access to arts, education, and culture. For a few days, a diverse group of people share their skills and knowledge through workshops, crafts, science, sports, and other activities.

People’s University

The Fourth World People’s University holds regular meetings between people who have experienced extreme poverty and others who have never experienced it. Participants talk about current issues in society and learn to listen, express themselves, and understand each other better. Through considering many different perspectives and life experiences, participants gain a more complete understanding of the issues discussed. This benefits everyone, regardless of how they are involved in work to eradicate poverty.

Research project: dimensions of poverty

ATD Fourth World in Bolivia led a participatory research project between 2016 and 2019 with a goal of identifying the “hidden dimensions of poverty.” People living with poverty every day took part in the project, which was grounded in the Merging Knowledge methodology. More recently, ATD has been sharing the research results, which identified ten dimensions of poverty. Some dimensions are familiar, others less well known.

Help in schools

The Covid 19 pandemic left many children with very serious educational needs. In response, ATD created a space to support students and help them feel at ease again in an educational setting. Now this transformative education program boosts children’s abilities through play and other activities, helping them develop autonomy.

Uniting young people

The Encuentro de Jóvenes (Youth Meeting) helps integrate young people into their neighborhood. In various gatherings, they can talk together, think through issues that concern them, and experience art. These meetings help young people to both learn more about their neighborhood and contribute to positive change. Importantly, the gatherings provide young people with a sense of empowerment. This encourages personal development and helps them become protagonists in a culture of peace.

Citizen involvement

All year round, members of ATD Fourth World Bolivia encourages civil society to become active in overcoming poverty. This is especially true in October when the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is celebrated around the world. Not only do these activities bring about change, they also encourage others to become involved in the struggle to eradicate poverty globally.

Casa ATD Cuarto Mundo
Calle Aroma Nº 1025,
Senkata, El Alto,
La Paz


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