ATD Fourth World has been in Brazil since 2007 in the communities of Caxambu-Morro dos Anjos (Petrópolis. Río de Janeiro) and in Mirantão (Bocaina de Minas, Minas Gerais).

Our activities support initiatives which promote the participation of and value the personal experiences of people who live in poverty. Working together, we are learning how to create alternatives for transforming personal and global realities.

Our activities in the city of Petrópolis

  • A Street Library that provides art and educational workshops
  • The “Flourish” Project in collaboration with the Center for the Defence of Human Rights.
  • “Ray of Light” Group: a forum for sharing ideas about how to work toward a world free of poverty. The group values the thoughts and life experiences of every member and searches for ways in which to speak up and act collectively.
  • Reading group funded by the State Department of Culture.

Our activities in the rural area of Mirantão:

  • Presence in the countryside focusing on ways to bring community members together for positive exchanges or cultural events.
  • Supporting education through the Mirantão public school, which values the knowledge of all community members beyond the classroom.
  • “Center of Experiencing the Earth”: promoting alternative methods of crop production and distribution to increase food security, with an emphasis on respectful exchanges between urban learning and rural traditional knowledge and practices, as well as personal reflection and collective transformation.

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