ATD Fourth World Guatemala runs street libraries, a reading club, and other activities with the small children that work to improve outcomes in school.  With the support of young people from cultural centers, among others, we come together with the strength of the state and society to improve their situation.

We also work to find moments for people living in poverty to speak in public, testifying about their lives and their experiences so that society can learn from them. These opportunities come in various forms throughout the year, particularly during our “Sabados de Saberes” events, and on October 17, World Day for Overcoming Poverty.

In 2009, we opened a “Working and Learning Together” project (TAJ). The workshop works to support families living in poverty in their daily struggle to live with dignity, teaching artisanal skills and offering a different way to generate income.

ATD Fourth World Guatemala began its work in San Jacinto (Chiquimula) in 1979. In 1987, a team began work in Guatemala City, and since 2002 a team has been working in Escuintla.