Tapori Newsletter – March & April 2017

Tapori groups of the Democratic Republic of the Congo shared True Stories About Friendship

Tapori Campaign 2017: “Come on! Let’s look together for the keys to friendship and peace!”

“The Tapori children are sitting under a tree around a table; they all play, sing and dance happily together. And at the end they all go to the river to fetch some water for their families.”

Hope, 13 years old

“Me and my friends, we share
what we have, we help each other. From time to time my mom gives me some money to buy things.
During recess time at school, I share what I bought with my friends. The next day, my mom had nothing to give me and one of my friends shared what he got. This is what we do, me and my friends!”

Elvis, Tapori group Shalom in Goma

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