The Magnificent 17

Support Central Africa, Sustainable Development, ATD Ireland, and…….

The Magnificient Seventeen! On June 6th a group of women calling themselves “The Magnificient 17” ran the Dublin 10K Mini Marathon to launch ATD Ireland’s 10K Challenge, a campaign to raise €10,000 by the end of 2016.

The race was held on D-Day, a significant day in the world’s fight for freedom. The Magnificent 17 are raising money to support the efforts of people in poverty to be free from injustice, discrimination and misunderstanding. Join our campaign to end poverty around the world through sustainable means and to call on the Irish Government to do their part to get the job done!


To contribute, click here. Money raised through the 10K Challenge will be used in two ways:
70% will be sent to the Central African Republic to support Street Libraries in the capital, Bangui, where children are still suffering the effects of a long-term armed conflict and humanitarian crisis.
30% will be used to support ATD Ireland’s work to encourage people to join efforts to end poverty and support sustainable development. In 2017, on the 17th of each month, ATD Ireland will hold an event to publicize ways that everyone can help. These events will showcase hope, inspiration, and courage – something people desperately need today when social injustice is overwhelming and environmental challenges are daunting.


“On the 17th” monthly events in Ireland will include:

  • “Portraits of 17 Social Justice Leaders from Joseph Wresinski to Martin Luther King,” an exhibition recalling the achievements of past inspirational leaders who believed in humanity’s capacity for change even when it seemed impossible. Nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize, ATD Fourth World’s work is based on the thinking of another visionary leader, Joseph Wresinski. In the tradition of Ghandi and Dr King, Wresinski had a dream for overcoming poverty not through violence or demands for sacrifice, but by calling for respect and dignity for everyone. Additional events in Ireland will showcase Wresinski’s innovative ideas.
  • Public gatherings, book talks, and a presentation to the European Parliament to communicate what people living in poverty around globe want to say to the world. While people in poverty are often ignored or seen as problems to be fixed, through ATD Fourth World they speak out for themselves. Their determination in the face of countless challenges inspires our own hopes and dreams for social justice.
  • Workshops on partnership and ways everyone can help. Conflict, violence, and hatred are never the answer. These workshops will feature practical ways that people can move beyond their differences so everyone can work together to overcome poverty. Its not just about volunteering or giving money to your favourite cause!

Read more about the 2017 campaign to overcome poverty and build peace.