Youth Rise Up

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“You are the youth and you are standing up with something to say to the world. You aren’t just any young people either, you are a young people who want to learn in order to be able to speak and to understand – young people who want to cultivate themselves.” – Joseph Wresinski

Since its inception, ATD Fourth World has worked so that young people in poverty can be involved in movements to change the world. That work continues today for young people from all backgrounds.

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Meet other young people

  • ATD Fourth World is organizing a European Youth Gathering in Wijhe (the Netherlands) from August 10 to 14. Planned and organized by young people themselves, it will be an occasion to bring together youth from across Europe to meet and learn from one another.
  • The ATD Fourth World European Youth Movement brings together young people from all backgrounds who want to act against poverty. Find out more about their meetings in France.
  • Want to get involved and help? Contact:

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