Burkina Faso

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ATD Fourth World has been present in Burkina Faso since 1981 in Ouagadougou, and since 2001 in the rural area of Ganzourgou, located 80 miles from the capital.

Five members of ATD Fourth World’s full-time Volunteer Corps, working alongside other ATD members, structure all actions around a common goal: fostering the successful education of all children by starting with people who live in poverty and building on their knowledge to shape a future with dignity for all.

These actions are organized around two initiatives:

Actions with children

About 500 children participate in activities in two outlying districts of Ouagadougou, in seven villages and neighborhoods of Ganzourgou, and in Ourgou-Manega, where a Sunday market is held. Many of the children who participate are not enrolled in school. Through books, they discover the world around them, and through creative activities, they show their talents. The wider community is involved in supporting the children. In addition to these daytime activities, on one evening a week in Ouagadougou, the “Library Under the Streetlights” reaches out to 30 children and young people living in the street at six sites where they gather to sleep. Participants are invited to spend the following day at the ATD Fourth World Courtyard, a safe environment where they can let down their guard. The workshops organized there become the first step in the process of reuniting the children with their families. A second step involves regular visits to the children’s families.

Actions with parents, teachers, and others

ATD Fourth World works with teachers in five schools, supporting them in their relationships with the most disadvantaged children and their families.

Once a month, 30 families living in extreme poverty meet at the ATD Courtyard with other people. This opportunity for solidarity and exchange allows adults to speak of their efforts to live in dignity, to express their hopes for the future, and to share their ideas for changes in society. It is also a training ground for those who want to understand better the lives and difficulties of the most isolated people.

Parents living in extreme poverty, representatives of institutions and non-governmental organizations, and other people meet four times a year for the Committee of Partners for Educational Success for All (COPARET). This allows communities, families, and individuals living in poverty to play an active role in their own educational projects. It creates the conditions for integrating the knowledge of people who are active in the community with the knowledge of people in education and other professional fields. The COPARET develops proposals to ensure that all children receive a quality education. It also aims to guide education policy in Burkina Faso and supports the development of the 2030 United Nations agenda.

The annual budget for ATD Fourth World–Burkina Faso is $78,500 (€70,000).

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