ATD Fourth World is present in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville


  • In Madrid, the team is in contact with rehoused families from neighborhoods Pozo del Huevo and Barranquillas in Alcala de Henares.
  • In Barcelona, the Association of Friends of the Movement (Asociación Amics del Moviment Quarter Món) accompanies families of Galicio-Portuguese origin in situations of exclusion.
  • The Popular University, that allows everyone to develop their voice and fight with others to build access to fundamental rights.
  • Knowledge-sharing and street libraries in the districts of Carabanchel and Vallecas (Madrid) and the neighborhood houses 3000 (Seville).
  • Experimentation in the field of work: creating income-generating activities that allow access to a dignified life for the poorest.
  • Development of a public campaign to mobilize and advocate around the right to adequate housing for all.


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